Why use SAR?

SAR Consultancy is a small and committed company, which is independent and flexible enough to ensure client’s needs are met with a personal touch. We value thorough analysis and provides a very high level of analytical reporting in a timely and professional manner. We combine the practical with the academic in order to ensure a more evidence based assessment is provided to its clients.

SAR Consultancy;

  • brings together a broad level of expertise and experience from some of the major conflict and post conflict zones for the last 30 years.
  • provides thorough invaluable high level analytical reporting on time and in a professional manner.
  • develops deep understandings of client business activities and culture to tailor offerings to meet their individual needs.
  • combines both practical and academic methods to ensure a more evidence-based and credible assessment is provided to its clients.
  • provides the facts behind the figures, issues, threats and risks so that your clients are fully informed and prepared to deliver in hostile environments.
  • ensures our clients meet the highest standards for their policies and procedures for risk mitigation and the safety of their staff.
  • gives our clients the facts that give you peace of mind.