Meet us

36b2b1aSheelagh Brady – Co-Founder and Senior Analyst.

Sheelagh had a traditional start to her employment history, with over 14 years policing with An Garda Siochana, The Irish Police force. She then moved to the international security arena, holding positions such as, Mission Security Analyst with the European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya, Senior Security Information Analyst, with UNDSS in Abuja Nigeria, and Analyst with the European Union Police Mission in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH). Sheelagh uses her in-theatre experience to focus on specific country issues, such as Boko Haram, organised crime in BiH, Libyan militia groups, emerging ISIS affiliated groups, radicalisation, terrorism, etc. Sheelagh holds a number of academic qualifications, including a MS in Crime Science, from the Jill Dando Institute at University College London, and an MA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York. She is currently in the final phase of her PhD at Dublin City University (DCU). Sheelagh is a recognised international expert in her field, writing, presenting and advising on many of her topics of interest. Sheelagh uses her practical and academic experience to see things from many differing perspectives, which allows her to see that answers to solutions are often in the least examined places. Sheelagh does not present solutions to clients, rather she allows solutions to speak for themselves through her committed approach to analysis and research.

2ead75fJohn Roberts -Co-Founder and Strategic and Marketing Advisor.

John has over 20 years international experience in conflict and post-conflict environments, including the Western Balkans, Congo and East African nations, South Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya. This has provided John with an extensive professional network across the globe. He has worked with international organisations such as the UN, NATO, NGOs, EEAS Missions in positions such as aviation logistics, logistics, procurement and administration for crisis missions. John has proven ability of delivering in hostile and challenging environments, making the most of limited resources and assets. He has chaired and managed evaluation committees relating to high value security contracts in the international environment, making him keenly aware of clients’ needs but also service delivery and capacity. John is a keen techie, enhanced by qualifications in Electronic Engineering. This allows him to see possible solutions in technology, whilst also being mindful of in theatre challenges, obstacles and limitations. John enjoys working with people, fixing problems, and delivering tailor made solutions, which meet the needs of his clients now and into the future.