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Hostile Environments and First Aid Training – HEFAT®


SAR Consultancy has partnered with one of the leading companies in the UK in the area of hostile environment awareness training. Through this partnership SAR will offer you standard training packages, shown below, and more tailor made training programmes on request. These can be delivered for you and your staff in any location, be it Abuja, Nairobi, or back in the UK or Ireland. Centurion Risk Assessment Services Ltd is a specialist safety company that supports organisations whose personnel live, work and/or travel in areas worldwide where there is risk to personal safety.

Through Centurion RAS Ltd we will now provide practical safety training solutions for those going to high-risk areas. This training is also available to managers who may not travel but need to understand what their team can expect to deal with in the field, further providing them with peace of mind when their staff are in-country. Centurions’ extensive client list includes international media, aid agencies, NGOs, oil workers, defence contractors, and other professional organisations, who operate in areas of questionable safety.

We, SAR Consultancy, will now support clients further by equipping their staff with the necessary tools, both practically and emotionally, to be able to continually risk assess their safety by developing an understanding of known and developing risk factors. This training will also allow staff and managers to practically apply recommended mitigation measures from SAR’s risk assessments, thereby reducing the risks they are exposed to.

These practical, hands-on training courses have proved effective in helping staff to confidently manage risks to the lowest possible level, and work in dangerous places more safely.

SAR Consultancy in partnership with Centurion RAS Ltd offer the following training courses:

  • Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training (HEFAT)
  • First Aid Training
  • Security Management Training
  • Personal Safety Training for Women
  • Working in Disaster Areas Training
  • Kidnap and Ransom Awareness Training

Further details on each course can be obtained on request. Centurion RAS Ltd also run courses on regular intervals, please see their website for specific dates