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Capacity building for the Nigerian Navy: Eyes wide shut on corruption? Pervasive corruption in the Nigerian maritime security sector facilitates smuggling, piracy and oil theft. Building capacity while ignoring corruption risks making corruption and related crimes worse. The United States Africa Command provides capacity building to the Nigerian Navy. The Command safeguards its programme finances, but does not directly address corruption in partner agencies. The United States Africa Command and other donors should make anti-corruption measures an integral part of the training they provide.

Åse Gilje Østensen, Sheelagh Brady, Sofie Arjon Schütte (2018)

SAR Consultancy Special Bulletin Parsons Green London September 2017

SAR Consultancy Special Bulletin Spanish Attack August 2017

SAR Consultancy – The Merit of Emergency Planning and Training Exercises

How probably is an attack here in Ireland, similar to that conducted in London in March? ‘Possible but unlikely’? What does this really mean?Possible but Unlikely

SAR Consultancy Nov 2015 – What Paris Attacks may mean for Ireland SAR Consultancy Nov 2015 – What Paris Attacks may mean for Ireland

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Press Release 20150420 – New Consultancy fresh approach

171115 Irish Independent Art by Sheelagh Brady (SAR) Even in Ireland we must be vigilant against attack by Isil

Gangland Murders and drug related violence Developing a crime reduction strategy 2007